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1418 Washing Machine Cleaning Tablet In Refreshening Lavender Fragrance

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Washing Machine Cleaning Tablet In Refreshening Lavender Fragrance 

This will clean washing machine. It is not used to clean clothes. It has mild lavender fragrance. Designed to infiltrate, dissolve and remove odor and residues that may occur in all washing machines. Characteristics: Rich bubbles, rapid disintegration, removal of odor, no stimulation, no skin damage, antibacterial, a decontamination effect is 3 times that of ordinary cleaners. A clean washing machine can wash out clean clothes. The main components: peroxide, surfactant, bio-enzyme, sodium bicarbonate 

Features ;

  • Eco-Friendly Tabs - Natural Foaming Tablets Are Septic Safe And Made With Less Packaging . Compare To Liquid De-scaler And Wipes That Create Unnecessary Waste
  • Instant Cleaning Power - Active Self Wash Tablet Cleans So You Don't Have To Brush And Wipe Your Washing Machines. When Exposed To Water, They Break Down Into Deep Scrubbing Powder Cleaners That Breaks Down Grime And Hard Water Build Up
  • Odor Eliminator- No More Smelly Washer. De-scaler Will Freshen Your Laundry Machine Basket, Rubber Gasket, And Internal Parts So Your Clothes Will Come Out Clean And Smelling Fresh.

Physical Dimension

Weight ( gm) :- 20

Length (cm) :- 3

Breadth (cm) :- 3

Height (cm) :- 2

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